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September 25, 2005
Demons? Demons?
Imagine, for a moment, that there was a psychologist who believed in demonic posession. This psychologist is a pretty bright guy; in fact, he's come up with a questionnaire that he claims can identify whether someone is possessed.

You would expect to find such a psychologist:

  1. in a bad made-for-TV movie.
  2. working for Focus on the Family.
  3. being appointed to something important by George W. Bush.
  4. evaluating sex offenders in a Kansas state hospital.
While they're all good (and distressingly likely) answers, the correct answer in this case is (d). Rex Rosenberg works at Larned State Hospital evaluating people who are committed to the Kansas state sexual predator program. And since he's been there, the percentage of people in the program officially designated as "sexual predators" has gone up sharply.

Friends, the brain cell trend out there is not, I say not, encouraging.