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September 13, 2005
Law? We don't need no steenking law!
Despite a court order to the contrary, the military is still preventing media in New Orleans from taking photos of or writing stories about the body recovery process.

I was particularly impressed by this bit:

Dean Nugent, of the Louisiana State Coroner's Department, who accompanied the soldier, added that it wasn't safe to be in Bywater. "They'll kill you out here," he said, referring to the few residents who have continued to defy mandatory evacuation orders and remain in their homes."

"The cockroaches come out at night," he said of the residents. "This is one of the worst places in the country. You should not be here. Especially you," he told a female reporter.

Nugent, who is white, acknowledged he wasn't personally familiar with the poor, black neighborhood, saying he only knew of it by reputation.

I'm sure Mr. Nugent would vehemently deny - and probably believe - that he's neither racist or sexist. Sigh.
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