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September 28, 2005
McCain gets it.
Not surprising, actually, since he's a former military man with some sense of honor, unlike the crew running the White House. When informed about the allegations of routine torture of "PUCs" (Persons Under Confinement, a Bush administration invention to avoid calling them POWs), he said
"I don't know if these allegations are true," McCain said. "But they have to be investigated. We've got to make it clear to the world that America doesn't do it. It's not about prisoners. It's about us."
He's right. It is about us. As terrible as the happenings at My Lai were, it spoke volumes about America that we were revulsed by the conduct of a few of our countrymen and we did something to deal with the problem. Now, it seems that outrage is in short supply, and "addressing the problem" means "making excuses and locating a few patsies to take the fall."

What have we become, my friends?