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October 25, 2005
2000 dead US soldiers in Iraq. No, there's nothing "special" about 2000. The 2000th grieving mother, son, brother, or spouse isn't any more special than the 1999th, or the 43rd, or the 1274th. But sometimes you have to stop and look at how the drip...drip...drip of one here, 3 there has accumulated.

Imagine a well-dressed Marine coming up the walk to knock on the door of a house, the bearer of bad news. Imagine that happening once per second. It would take over a half an hour.

Imagine giving each dead soldier a minute of silence. After you'd spent an entire day, you'd have over 9 hours left to go.

Imagine spending a day remembering the sacrifice of each dead soldier. You'd be finished on July 21. 2008.