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October 27, 2005
Congrats to the Sox...
...White, that is. It's somehow appropriate, after all the close games they've played this year, that the clinching game was 1-0. The Astros fought hard all four games, but came up just short each time.

That said, I don't expect the Chisox to repeat, at least not so easily. They had an outstanding record in 1-run games this year, and that's almost always luck; over the long run, teams are about .500 in 1-run games, so I expect some regression to the mean for them next year.

But for now, enjoy it, White Sox fans. I know how you feel. Hmmm...last year the Red Sox won for the first time since 1918, this year the White Sox won for the first time since 1917, who won in 1916....? Why, the Red Sox! They beat the Brooklyn Robins, no less. So let me be the first to name them the early favorite for 2006. And Cubs fans...don't worry, your turn is coming in 2014!