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October 07, 2005
Friday Random Ten
What's on my amaroK playlist?
  1. The Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet - OK, I have a weakness for the 80s. Musically, at least. 4/10
  2. Rosemary - The Grateful Dead - Not one of their better efforts. 3/10
  3. Elvis is Everywhere - Mojo Nixon - Elvis is in Joan Rivers, but he's trying to get out! 8/10
  4. Come On (Part III) - Stevie Ray Vaughn - What a loss to the blues world he was. 7/10
  5. Pieces of the Night - Gin Blossoms - 6/10
  6. Shaking Hands (Soldier's Joy) - Michelle Shocked - A really nice tune from her second album. 7/10
  7. Angel Face - Joan Osborne - Man, the list is just full of "second string" songs from good albums today. 5/10
  8. All I Need - Michael Franks - And now for something completely different.... 6/10
  9. Pick It Up (And Put It In Your Pocket) - Stan Ridgeway - Ridgeway is quirky, funny, and very underrated. 8/10
  10. Over It - Matthew Sweet - Another highly underrated musician. I keep thinking this is what you'd get if Brian Wilson had grown up in Detroit instead of Southern California. Minus the silly car songs. 8/10