Hark to the bark. Snark in the dark.
Come on, lose those blues and greens!

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October 28, 2005
Friday Random Ten
  1. A Bird That Whistles - Joni Mitchell Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm
  2. It's Over - Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories Tails
  3. Penguins - Lyle Lovett I Love Everybody
  4. It'll Get Much Worse - Paul K and the Weathermen SxSW 2005 Showcase
  5. Firing Up the Sunset Gun - Animal Logic Animal Logic
  6. Blue Collar Butterfly - The Oktober Butterfly SxSW 2005 Showcase
  7. Back to You - Matthew Sweet Blue Sky on Mars
  8. The Longships - Enya Watermark
  9. Lover Lay Down - Dave Matthews Band Under the Table and Dreaming
  10. R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A. - John Mellencamp Scarecrow