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October 06, 2005
I honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry.
The Creation Evidence Museum. Just sort of sends chills up and down your spine, doesn't it? And don't go thinking those chills evolved or anything! God put those chills there! And where there are chills, there's chilluns. (That's "children" to those of you unfortunate enough to have grown up north of Baltimore.) And the museum just looooooves children. So much that they have a special "Creation exploration" section, just filled with remarkable information.
Other humans that lived after Adam and Eve but before the Flood were different as well. They grew larger just like the animals. The Bible says there were giants in the Earth (Gen 6: 4). Dr. Baugh has found fossilized human footprints that are 16” long near the museum. Other fossilized human footprints that are even larger have been found all over the world.
You didn't know that, did you? Admit it, now. And why were things so different?
First of all, before the Flood, the Earth had more atmospheric pressure.
And it's so cool! Before the Flood, no one needed sunscreen!
But before the Flood, there was a canopy of water that stretched around the entire Earth like a huge bubble. The sun rays had to go through that canopy and the other layers of our sky before it could reach Earth. The canopy was colored magenta or pink and it blocked the bad rays of the sun but only let in the sun rays that would be helpful for our body. Humans, therefore, did not have to worry about getting sunburn.
Wow! How cool is that?

You know, it really frightens me to think that there are people who take this stuff seriously. Go check it out. Some of his stuff about dinosaurs is just roll-in-the-floor funny.