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October 06, 2005
Now this is anti-American.
I don't agree with John McCain on everything. Not very much, in fact. But one thing I do think he has absolutely correct is this: we should follow the Geneva Conventions and treat prisoners humanely not because of what they are, but because of what we are. So when he, former Secretary of the Navy John Warner, and former JAG Lindsey Graham -- Republicans all -- wanted to attach language to a military spending bill that would prohibit the use of "cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment" against anyone in U.S. government custody, regardless of where they are held, I thought it was a great idea. Of course, President Bush threatened to veto the bill, illustrating how no matter how low you set expectations for him, he'll always exceed them.

Well, the bill came to a vote in the Senate. And passed. 90-9. Jon Corzine (D-NJ) didn't vote. He's busy campaigning for Governor of NJ. Nine Senators - nine Republican Senators - voted against the bill. Who are these slime, the nuttiest of the wingnuts, the ignoble nine who think we shouldn't behave better than people we consider barbarians?

Man, what is it with Oklahoma? How did they manage to get two Senators who are card-carrying members of the Extreme Right Wing with Counter-Rotating Eyeballs and Screechy Voices?

Take a bow, gentlemen. You have given your votes in service to making America a disgrace in the eyes of the world.